WIX template on the airdrop website

Hello team.
THere is WIX mark on website…
it looks not as good as XX million project (as easybake are :wink: web sites should look ;b


I’ve got to agree with you there. However, the developers on this team are top notch. This is simply a place-holder and we’re not truly public-facing yet. We’re the insiders. Once we’re really seeking traders/customers, I’m certain everything will be sharp, developed and cleaned-up. :slight_smile:


Still looking for clear answers to two questions.

1.) Do I HAVE to have the WIX to earn the badge rewards, and if so

2.) Can I download the app to a laptop?

P.S. Chef Buns provided answers in chat, so I might as well add her reply here, rather than delete this in case someone else wonders the same thing. So …

“[In reply to Kosher Bacon]
Yes, you need WIX for rewards. Mobile app only, unfortunately. This is the easiest // best solution we could identify because we don’t want to expend too much time and resources into the airdrop while we have higher-order objectives. We appreciate your understanding :cupcake:

Thanks Ms. Bunsie!

So, got a message from WIX today saying that:
1.) The program is over, and
2.) I have completed 20% of the steps … Wait, what?! lol

20%? I thought I’d done everything requested, did I miss something?

When I attempted to ask on the app, there was a message that told me to direct any questions to chat, but I figured here would be easier for others see an answer if anyone else was wondering the same thing.

You’re correct, haha, we don’t have a need to build out a website and app for giving out an airdrop. This is much more than the Google Forms most people opt for. We’re not an airdrop project :cupcake:

You have 5 days to complete all the steps from when you begin, this is to create a sense of urgency, so people don’t just put it off.

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Okay, thanks. Bummer tho, I thought I’d done everything I was supposed to do, but apparently only completed 20%. Since it said “All Steps Completed” I sorta thought that meant ALL STEPS COMPLETED, silly me. Oh well.

I agree. Costs next to nothing to get a Domain name.

We own the domain: airdrop.EasyBake.finance we used a template because it’s an airdrop page.

Everything doesn’t need to be made from scratch, especially not a temporary website.

Additionally, we would need to build an entire app and add it the App Store to acquire the benefits of the WIX app as well. This is not our intention, lol.

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wix app available in App Store or not

I believe so, but I don’t even remember what all was involved. I’m really not the right person to be asking. I needed others to walk me thru the process. Sorry, and best of luck with it.