VC backing and strategic partners


I’m sure the team already have a lot of experience and expertise but I was wondering if Easy Bake would be seeking the support/ guidance/ contacts of any VCs who might be able to help add further value and ‘validity’ to the brand for potential new users.

On a similar tac, are there any plans for more strategic partnerships on the way? I wonder who the community would like us to work with?


I was under the impression that there were VCs already invested. Although perhaps I’m getting confused; so many projects in the Unilayer ecosystem now!

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They may well do. I haven’t engaged as much with Easy Bake yet so still catching up.
I know that both Unilayer and Maki have a decent list of VCs so I’d be interested to know if they are supporting with Easy Bake too.

Seedsale starts 1th June, so there arent any VC’s invested yet. We are very early.

Thanks for clarifying. We truly are early which bodes well.