Sugar -- How Sweet Is It?

I was looking for info on the tokenomics of exactly how the rewards (Sugar) will work, and what will the uses sugar be once earned. Will it be traded? Required for other use cases? Etc.

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I am thinking that it will most likely mirror Pancakeswap’s implementation of syrup, right? If that’s the case, you could do some digging around that and all the info you’d need will be revealed (I didn’t dabble that much with it, sadly, so I can’t add any more value).



Thanks! Yeah, I never really looked at that either. I would hope EB will have their own explanation tho? Hate to just tell people to go look at the competition’s format. LOL

It’ll be used both as the governance token as well as the token you stake for rewards in the form of another project’s token in the SUGAR pools.

We are capable of doing what Pancakeswap couldn’t do because the contract will avoid the exploit found in the SYRUP pools, which led to Pancakeswap discontinuing the utility of SYRUP.

The only way to acquire the SUGAR token is by staking OVEN. The only way to acquire OVEN from staking is by burning an equivalent amount of SUGAR. The contract does this for you when you unstake your OVEN from the OVEN pool.


Thanks Ms. Buns. I’m sure that all make perfect sense. HaHaHa I’ll get it figured out. At least now I have a guide to understand what I’m looking at when I do.

Just like SOY… Yes!!! That’s huge!

I don’t think people realize how huge!!

lol… huge! I say Huge!

edit: wait I meant sweet…. It’s gonna be oh so sweet!!


Read the section “What’s this SOY token?”