NFT Idea Discussion

Hey frens, we’ve come up with a few ideas for future implementations. We encourage you all to participate with your own ideas and thoughts because we want to build EasyBake with the community :slight_smile:

To kick start the discussion, having an initial genesis NFT set for the launch of our NFTs would be nice to have, but I also think having a set amount of collectibles with varying characteristics and accessories would be great also. With these unique cupcakes (the models I’ve designs as of now), the users will be able to set their profile picture to this NFT & any other NFT they have in their wallet. If it is inappropriate, users holding the governance token are able to report that NFT id & disable it from being used, removing the possibility of that NFT being used by other user. If we do decide to have starter NFTs like pancakeswap, they will be optional because we don’t want our users to be forced to buy an NFT just to be able to have a profile picture. True decentralisation is the key here. Think of it like twitter, where you can set your NFT to your profile picture & you identify as that NFT. We want our users to feel like the community is alive & everyone is unique, rather than being clones of each other due to the same profile pictures. We want to give you all the freedom :slight_smile:

In addition, having specialised NFTs that give holders benefits. For example, for an IFO section like pancake swap, we could have tiers that could be entered via the NFTs - 1st tier: Masterchef, 2nd tier: Cook, 3rd tier: Amateur. The higher the tier, the more Oven it will require to purchase - much like paid network. I.e. 10k oven for Mastechef, 5k for Cook, 2.5k for Amateur - a % of the Oven used to purchase these NFTs would be burned as well. Each of these tiers will allow the holder to buy a certain amount of tokens + for a larger variety of IFOs.

Lastly, An idea I came up today was an NFT trading center. This trading center would act as a platform for users to request a trade with each other specifying what they want to receive, i.e. 100 oven & x NFT for my NFT, and the other participant can either decline, accept or propose altered amounts, etc. Rather than a marketplace where someone sells their NFTs, users can trade directly - like TF2 item trading with scrap and hats. It’s just an idea, but could be pretty cool so see come to life.

Below are some modals I’ve made in my spare time to test out some ideas. If you are willing to create some modals and post them, that would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: (we may even use them, or aspects of them - with a shout out of course)


I would highly recommend that we implement something similar to Superfarm’s NFTs utility, where, if you have a specific genesis NFT and depending on the rarity of that NFT, you would have a 10%/30%…90% chance of getting in the presale for future projects launched on the platform (if that will be the case with easybake). Or we could simply offer some other perks, like increased apr for a specific pool/sets of pools if you are the holder of an NFT.

I always liked the idea of utility paired with an NFT and I’m pretty confident almost everyone into NFTs would tend to agree with this.


In addition, having specialised NFTs that give holders benefits. For example, for an IFO section like pancake swap, we could have tiers that could be entered via the NFTs - 1st tier: Masterchef, 2nd tier: Cook, 3rd tier: Amateur. The higher the tier, the more Oven it will require to purchase - much like paid network. I.e. 10k oven for Mastechef, 5k for Cook, 2.5k for Amateur - a % of the Oven used to purchase these NFTs would be burned as well. Each of these tiers will allow the holder to buy a certain amount of tokens + for a larger variety of IFOs.

This is some utility we were thinking of.

I also like the idea of specific NFTs having the APR bonus & special benefits. Maybe one of the rarity factors could include these benefits! :slight_smile:

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Ignore the low res of it and the choppiness I had to downgrade it to get it upload on here haha, but kind of a basic NFT concept



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I get and like the functionality (programmable aspects to NFT’s) , but in general am not a fan of just doing it without a need or purpose.

I like the idea of tiers, however this can be accomplished by holding a certain amount of Oven tokens with no need for an NFT.

I personally think most NFT’s are a fad that will burn out. There are some use for maybe a marketplace or the likes, but even with that, my question would be ‘why’?

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I think I see where you’re going with this…

One of the trends I’m seeing with some new launchpads releasing soon… they are coming up with (sometimes overcomplicated) tokenomics to incentivize holding platform tokens longer. They are finding investors are buying tokens, getting the sale allocation, then selling tokens to move on to the next launchpad sale (and buy those tokens) rinse, repeat.

If you could incorporate this into an NFT (with other benefits), I could see how you could keep that $OVEN in the EasyBake economy.


I came across this recently… might give you some ideas.


People are extremely loyal to their investments, as I’m sure you’re well aware of with the trading background, and having the NFT that has more than one use case - access to launchpad sales, profile picture, cool art to own, specialised benefits like increased APR - would benefit the EasyBake economy greatly imo. It adds another aspect to what can be done :slight_smile: Especially with the Uniswap V3 NFT LPs coming out, it would be nice to get into NFTs and migrate to that eventually.


Awesome, thanks for that! Exactly what I was thinking about with the escrow system.


The NFTs would act as the tiers - the reason behind this idea is so that the NFTs can also have some sort of value apart from art :slight_smile: The reason we want NFTs is due to the future implementations of profile pictures, where user’s can assign any NFT they hold/own to be their profile picture - basically its just another reason for users to buy the NFTs. We would also have burn mechanisms built into buying these NFTs to help the EasyBake economy!

I agree most NFTs will burn out or not be circulating in crypto as a whole, but our ones would benefit the our ecosystem greatly bc of the burning + trading of them - which will in turn create a market for our NFT market place :smiley:

To answer the question ‘why’ - people like & want NFTs & why not give the people what they want, eh?


I fully agree YC. One more thing I’d like to voice is in response to the 10-30 … 90% “chance” of getting in on the pre-sale. I (and many others) have detested the “chance” concept when utilized elsewhere.

It’s bad enough to have to pay to participate in a presale, or drop, or allocation, or whatever, but to have to pay for a “chance” to participate is the worst! The whales all tell us little guys to suck it up (which pisses us off even more!)

If there is to be a tiered qualification (and I totally get that) at least make it just that – fair and for sure. Adding an element of chance to the insult of paying for the privilege to try and play with the big guys is such a slap in the face for small investors.

It’s the whales who dump on the little guys as soon as they have profit, and yet most projects cater to the whales. I wish everything in the crypto space didn’t need to be game, a gamble at every turn. I like projects that are actual business models and operate as such.

I won’t mention names, but I have invested what I can into projects that later adopted that lottery, chance nonsense. The back lash from the small investors is not pretty. Then you get the whales dumping for profits, and the small investors leaving because they have no hope of profits.

Perhaps you could stage the tiers such that the lower tiers get a guaranteed [smaller] allocation, but the larger tiers for the hi-rollers are a “chance” at a big buy?

In most cases, I feel you get a stronger, more committed, stable base of loyal members with many small investors, rather than fewer large investors.


The problem with guaranteeing allocations is it can result in such small amounts allocated to smaller holders that it simply isn’t worth them taking up the allocation they’re allotted once you allow for fees and delayed token releases.

There are other ways to give smaller holders a better chance perhaps by locking nfts for a period after claiming an allocation. Higher grade nfts could have a shorter lock up time.


This is by design. The intentionally small public allocations combined with marketing hype is meant to manufacture the fomo pump on listing. It’s a game of emotions.

The 10 or 20 percent (release on listing) is sold into the retail buyers for that quick VC profit. I don’t like it either, but that’s what’s happening.

I’ve refrained from saying anything on this forum (so far). But since you put it out there… I’ll just say I agree and so do many others.

This is exactly why I have mentioned that I would love to see EasyBake be that place where the “little guy” retail investor can come to be treated fairly and not taken advantage of in this way.


This can all be decided by the community of OVEN holders. After first reading Chef Bun’s introduction post on medium, I couldn’t wait to share it… and that’s why I’m here

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Yup, that can certainly be disastrous as well. I really don’t get the whole NFT thing, or how they create a solution that can’t be done without them. Maybe someone will give me an explanation that makes sense someday. I think perhaps the “lobby” type of launch seems to work about as well as I’ve seen. I’m not a fan of the projects best known for it, but the system is about as equally fair as I’ve seen. The two versions I’ve seen have slight pro’s and con’s but either one still seems better than buying a chance.

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As you know… People can’t afford to hold tokens on every launchpad, so they sell, move to the next IDO launchpad, sell again, etc, etc…

I’m seeing other platforms trying to keep investors from playing “musical chairs” with sometimes overcomplicated tokenomics and lockup periods.

I think NFTs can bring something new to the table.

NFTs and an NFT marketplace could be a solution (using OVEN to purchase the NFTs). Some could be burnt, some to treasury, or whatever… So if you want a top tier allo or higher APR or whatever benefits come with it… you buy it with OVEN. This would keep the OVEN in the EasyBake economy, and the NFT could still be sold if you don’t want it anymore.


Exactly right :slight_smile:

I think having the NFT locked up for x amount of time would be a good way to stop people from buying it, getting into an IBO and then selling it.

Think of these OVEN bought NFTs as cards with stats that grant access to certain things in the OVEN ecosystem.


Okay, thanks. That makes some sense. But that is buying an NFT with OVEN for later IDO’s. Back to the original question, how does buying an NFT help with initially buying the OVEN in the EB IDO? Sorry, I am clearly a complete bonehead with NFT’s (well, with crpto in general, DEX’s specifically, but NFT’s more than anything. lol)

I may of course be confusing IDO, IFO, IBO, heck now that ICO’s are a thing of the past, I have no idea what an IBO even is (I’ll now have to look it up)