NFT as utility exposure for $OVEN

Guys wdyt about adding NFT tab to our bakery house ?
I think adding collectibles is important thing.
General idea - we have some limited amount of collectibles(NFT).
And you can buy it ONLY via $OVEN token. (all gathered tokens goes to DAO or burn… or other ideas…)
At the start we MUST have some “initial” NFT collection. This collection will be epic because it released with born of the project.
So, at the beginning there is no any extra functional part of these NFTs except visual pleasure.
But with a time we can come with extra ideas of how to utilize these NFT-cards. (giving some + features to NFT holders or other limited access stuff)

As for example - we can “emit” new collection with every new liquidity pool on the platform.
Every collection has limited emission… 100 maybe 1000 or it can vary from pool to pool.
And in this case each new pool will give us ability to mint new NFT collection so new peoples can bought some if previous collection was soldout already.

Important thing here - is visual quality. These NFT should be really cool! not just visual trash.
I have some connections with artists… and can find some one with good visual. But of course we can try to contact some already famous nft-artists and ask them to illustrate our “pools”.

interesting to hear your thoughts…


I like the concept of having a new collection with the introduction of a new pool. Perhaps this would be something to signify our partnership with projects that decide to make use of our staking and IDO platforms. This would be something to signal a cooperation between our projects and would be a fun way to add another way for participants from other ecosystems to invest in OVEN to acquire the partnership NFTs.


I have a number of ideas for NFT’s and their use with the platform. If we use them properly, they can be a great funding source for the team and have built-in utility that helps make the use of the launchpad more interesting for outsiders. Please msg me. I don’t want to post all the details here.

good idea, very good NFT idea.

NFT’s are always awesome. Would be cool to have NFT’s as rewards for participating in future challenges that would help increase traffic volume. Challenges could include staking LPs in certain special event pools for different periods of time. The longer you stake, the better the NFT you receive. Would hopefully prevent dumping rewards


I applaud your insight and un-crypto-world brilliance of suggesting the reward increases be based on time rather than amount! Bravo! 99% of ideas I see from the crypto world unfairly cater to deep pockets over faithful commitment. Bravo indeed! I often feel like a lone voice – you might be my new best friend. :sunglasses: