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Let’s talk marketing!

Free… Paid… whatever you got… let’s hear it.


I think we need a good marketing push in the early days. Being first definitely has it’s advantages, but what we do with that advantage matters. Crypto is already a highly competitive and fast-moving space and Polkadot will be no different.

We can say, “well we have a great thing here and it will speak for itself” but while we sit idle and grinding, others will try to diminish our first-mover advantage and take the lead. If we want to be the “biggest” on Polkadot, then it’s my opinion we need to grab the lead early and run with it.

The LAYER airdrop/partnership will be a huge jumpstart, but then I believe we need to keep it going. Community building is also important, but that’s for another topic.


Couldn’t agree more.


Maybe we should reach Out to some Investors, Like Josh Rager If he backs Up the Truck could be Marketing because he will Tweet about.


First and the foremost we gotta look at the trifecta of marketing;

Paid marketing will always be beneficial and helpful, but potentially doing something more than just a “paid” shill could be really fascinating. Could you imagine paying shillers that everyone knows and love to do a video where they bake something while explaining and talking about easybake?

Then there’s the branding perspective where we gotta take a look at how solid our mediums are, how wide our social media presence is, and how presentable EasyBake is as a whole to the typical consumer as well as the veteran investor. We need to have a solid foundation or concepts going forward to really solidify our presence. Same concept mentioned in the paid marketing could potentially become a twitter video presented by someone from the team for example. Fun quirky edits go a long way here.

Lastly it’s marketing that comes from the userbase. How much they love something that they would happily endorse it or talk about it on their own. We gotta provide them with easily digestible info yet easily reiterable concepts. Dumbing it down so people understand the value, makes it easier for them to share it with the folks they would typically share it with. This will come even more naturally if the first two marketing points above are really solid and well laid out ^

The last catch of it all is we’re merely thinking of marketing in a positive light, but there is also the bad. When something inevitably goes wrong (be it price or anything), there should be a response from the team for any negative feedback. In doing so, you can prove to everyone that even during rough times, the team is dependable thereby essentially turning one’s problems into an asset.

Really though, I just wanna see creative and fun forms of marketing associated with EasyBake. The typical stuff works, but going above and beyond always pay off imo


Definitely have to work in tandem with the crypto trading community and trader influencers. They control majority of the information flow in crypto and altcoins especially, so good relationships with them will be paramount to getting exposure.


Marketing definitely needs to occur.

The definition of Public Relations is:

Good works well publicized.

How do you do that? You find communication channels and communicate on them. You do this as widely as possibly to reach as many people as possible.

Those are the fundamentals. So how we do that on a detailed basis is very variable and everyone’s going to have different ideas on what’s the best way to go about it - one big expensive campaign that reaches millions or millions of single tweets that reach a few people each, those are your two ends of a spectrum - but communicating the effectiveness of this good product as widely as possible is the essence and we can all play a part in that, big or small :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think it’s become undeniably obvious that influencers, both on YouTube and the various social medias are the biggest bang for your marketing dollars. But I’d also like to point out that some of the best advertising seen in crypto is not paid shilling, it is on the charts.

It’s easy to focus on the obvious forms of advertising, and those are quite useful, and should be tailored to the product’s branding and function, targeting the desired demographic.

Since there are people far better with utilizing those venues and SEO than I could even pretend to be, I’ll leave that to them (tho I can help writing scripts and ad copy, editing, etc., if needed. By all means Ms. Buns, hit me up!)

I would just like to make sure another very important component is not overlooked. Actual growth model. This seems to be a huge stumbling block in the crypto world. This space is unfortunately driven by mega emotion and very little logic (hence all the pump and dumps.) The Lambo Kids FOMO into anything moving up, then panic sell out of anything that retraces a little. Crazy extremes both directions.

Conversely, when people see an initial P&D, they are now conditioned to assume the opportunity has passed, so they skip it and look elsewhere. All too often that initial pattern acts as a huge deterrent once formed. Only a small percentage of die-hard fans hold while most jump to the next opportunity. Some projects do later recover and start growing again, but it can be some time down the road, or not at all. I think it’s best to avoid that scenario all together if possible.

Avoiding a pump and dump, and establishing a steady visible growth model is very, very effective. Sure, people follow known influencers, but mainly in hopes of getting heads-up for something new coming along. Then it launches, big P&D, and they move on to the next.

Charts however are watched by the masses, many who may not speak English, don’t follow the influencers much or at all. But when they see a project’s price climbing, they often jump in, whether simply FOMO, or because they researched and determined it was worth investing in, or whatever.

A strong steady climbing trajectory on the charts (without a crazy P&D) also attracts many of the best influencers to take notice and talk about it. Now you get FREE influencer shilling. I have witnessed this time and time again, a steady rising price on a chart is some of the best marketing there is.

I know I sound like a broken record throughout this forum. It’s not because I disagree with all that others are saying (unless I do, and say so) it’s only because I have watched this play out so often – it’s easy for people to focus on the obvious points most can agree on, but somehow miss the not-so-obvious dynamics going on with the big picture. (Can’t see the forest for the trees.)

As has been stated before, most people in crypto have an abnormally short attention span, don’t study or think things thru, they simply react with immediate knee-jerk reactions to what’s in front them. This is why I continually pound the drum for a solid, less-erratic, long-term growth model.


What about Websites Like airdrops io or several ones i dont know If they want Money to promote.
Sometimes they write about airdrops that already happened could be good to get at least Attention from layer holders that did not take part in Telegram or give at least some Marketing so people know about the project


I think we should have a reward based marketing competition, where the community members are engaged in marketing projects on there social media platform for a period of time and afterwards the selected quality will be rewarded.

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I heard that we can use BSC wallets and ETH wallets for this.

That already separates us from a lot of projects and we can get investors from both sides. We should highlight those facts when making a video or even a simple tweet. I’m sure that would get a lot of peoples attentions. Unless I’m wrong though.

Batter way to start expose of project and divide pool between participant like Reddit, Article, telegram and youtube. I think should be start a short and Big First bounty here on Easy Bake Forum.