Lottery Integration

How about to add lotery as a part of natural reduction of tocenomics. Actualy i do not like lotery at pancakeswap from my point of view it cost a lot of money with small chance to win. What do you think about the lotery? And do you have any idea how to do lotery better way? To have more winners who are going to split the pool? I quess about 20% of pool going to be burn every time… :cupcake:


Really I dint like any lottery system batter way to start expose of project and divide pool between participant like Reddit, Article, telegram and youtube. I think should be start a short and Big First bounty here on Easy Bake Forum.

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Sounds like an interesting way to get people to stake. Not sure how it would be implemented though

I personally believe the Lottery system should be implemented if you want a consistent burn of OVEN (to control the circulating supply). I believe Pancakswap burns around 20% of every round and judging by the number of Cakes per lottery, there does seem to be a big market for it.

I guess the same logic applies for their recently added ‘prediction’ market where you guess the price of OVEN every 5 minutes (either up or down) and depending the size the pot and the number of people on the chosen outcome, you win a multiplier if guessed correctly. (e.g x1.2 UP if majority of people said up whilst x3 DOWN). A small portion of the wagered pot can be taken to buy back OVEN to burn or provide liquidity should you guys want to take that route.

I am not a big fan of gambling myself, but it does seem to be an effective way to either limit the circulating supply, or help with price appreciation long term (by Burning a certain percentage or via buybacks)

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