Just For Fun -- Words and Phrases

There are some great topics and threads addressing important features, decisions, attributes, progress, etc. concerning the launch and growth of Easy Bake. Among all this, it’s become obvious that there will be plays on words related to baking. “OVEN” token, etc.

I’m not the type to lean towards the basic theme EB is taking (I’m just a pragmatic, analytical, math geek. My creativity is in design, engineering, structural dynamics …, boring stuff) But I come from a marketing background, so I realize that my preference is not always what’s best (or wanted.)

In the spirit of keeping this project fun, and honoring Chef Buns’ Grandmother, I thought maybe we could use a topic where those of you with creativity in a direction opposite mine might enjoy proposing some suggestions and give us a thread on the lighter side.

Here are few obvious terms. Please add, elaborate, define use.

Grandma’s Kitchen

Dough Rises – dough is often a term used for money.

Yeast makes dough rise – maybe yield/rewards

Easy As Pie

Cake Walk

Fresh/Hot Out Of The Oven – The team is already using this for news and announcements.


Half Baked

That Takes The Cake

Cookies – already a known term for storing history

Cooling Rack

Baker’s Dozen

Slice Of The Pie

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

EB may not want to deviate from the confections/sweets theme, but other things are baked in an oven.

Baked Beans



Bread – another term often used for money