I know these are starting to become saturated in the space but an oven seems like the perfect place for bringing new projects into the ecosystem. Could we bake this into the structure ?


Absolutely! I would love to see a launchpad as well. However, I’ll only do so if there’s community support for us moving in that direction.


Trust me,you already have the community support on this one haha.


Yes a launchpad would be very nice :slight_smile:


I like this idea. Would this be akin to polkastarter?


I was thinking like a cross between Bounce and Polkastarter I think. So an automated auction interface for projects to use to launch tokens (also check attached from another project) but also some featured sales exclusive to the community. So you would now have a platform where you can build, launch, and trade your project
I think these launchpad projects are oversaturated of course but they are successful because they form a strong community of investors.
I think overall community is the holy grail.


Really like the launchpad idea. Having the number of Easybake tokens to participate in the launchpad IDO in tier level. We can partner with an auditing blockchain company.


I’m not sure how hard it is to build or oversee, however, it seems to be in alignment with the trends. There could possibly be some cool dynamics coming out of such a development, is this something that can be added on afterwards, or is it ideal to have it all launch at the same time?

I would wager if it would cause a delay of sorts, then it would be better to have a roadmap or implement it after launch. This is just my view, as. Idon’t know how hard it is to build and oversee as. Iwas saying.


I like the idea of bolting on a launchpad because there is a strong narrative around them right now. It’ll also strengthen tokenomics by a lot.

We are vertically integrating upward – primary issuance (IDO) → secondary markets (DEX).

Come to think of it, why hasn’t Uniswap done this yet? I would imagine Sushi is working on this since they have a brand and users.

With launchpad, you’ll need 2 new muscles:

  • (1) significant BizDev to source and pitch the top projects to come to you for launch
  • (2) Due Diligence - technical and team plus some added functional to prevent rugpulls like liquidity lock

In summary – should be explored for a Phase 2, and not at the expense of taking focus away from the core DEX product and getting “escape velocity”


Great question, Chef Cake. Introducing an Incubator / Launchpad would be outlined in detail in our documentation as a future initiative, subject to community approval, represented by the majority vote on such a proposition. I will create a separate topic for discussing the formalized voting process and we can even engage in a mock voting environment as part of the voting beta.

Subject to community approval, the passage of such a bill would require carrying out the execution of a crowd sale contract in addition to acquiring interested parties in the Polkadot ecosystem. Depending on the timing of the event, this would require a distinct set of procedures we can define that describe what launching in our Grand Openings would look like. As always, the only limitation is our own imaginations, so I look forward to reading the various ways in which this would play out.

Might I suggest we look to ways that make us distinct from Polkastarter? Perhaps someone with more knowledge than I may expand upon POLS current mode of operations and we can discuss how we might find an opportunity to work on aspects they may not have considered or may not value.

One thing to keep in mind is that though this may be a feature, we are much more than a launchpad. This point is worth noting in the advent we may decide to utilized Polkastarter as a launchpad for our beloved Bakery.

Naturally, designing a launchpad would come with some level of production constraints, but this would primarily be a marketing and networking activity more so than a blockchain development type of activity, so it would fall out of my scope and into the scope of our marketing and operations departments more than anything.

Fortunately, we are in close connection with a number of projects that have the means to make this happen, provided this is the route we decide to take, so it would be not only doable, but encouraged by those interested parties / projects / platforms. This is from my own personal connections and nothing is guaranteed, of course, but fortunately we have resources – both personnel and experience - to get this done.


So glad that you are around and vocalizing your opinion on these matters. Please continue providing value in the forum because what you are saying is extremely valuable as I am personally learning a lot from you, so thank you.

In response to the second point (Due Diligence) and in reply to @Zippy this is something we will certainly consider and we would also likely have to require some form of KYC for investors and teams in order to cover ourselves legally as this has raised some flags with our legal advisors. Yes, we have those already, haha.


When we get to this point, I would personally like to see some type of fair launch that is more inclusive than most of what we see today. If it is a tier system, them perhaps a lower (or free) tier could be included.

When someone has a little extra money to invest in something, they often can’t afford to hold $thousands in platform tokens for the “privilege” of investing it.


We were thinking of having a free tier for the casual user (I think this could drive a lot of players using the platform) and higher paid tiers for the people willing to get a bit of OVEN, however still an idea that’s open to suggestions!


The model that Cardstarter is using is pretty neat. It allows different tiers that can be restructured as the token price changes. Each tier represents a staked amount of tokens that allows you a proportional allotment from the pool allowing you to invest in early stage startups based on how much you hold and stake.

The bottom tier is a lottery currently.

I suppose there could even be a way to treat Farmers in EasyBake…hmmm


+1 on the Cardstarter model – definitely better thought out than most. DAO Maker is another very successful one at this point

I think there’s enough bid for new launches right now – success for launchpad rests on the supply side and being able to convince high profile / high TAM projects to come here versus others. To that extent, I would use some economics + value add services to bring them over.

Finally – no matter how good the platform, tokenomics etc – the only time I’ve seen launchpads “launch” are when early adopters make high multiples on their money. It’s the best marketing and evangelism you can get.


This would be nice. Some of these launchpad tokens have gone up so much in price that you have to have VC money to get a guaranteed allocation.


I think that launchpads are everywhere now, so they are now an essential feature to include. I think they work best when they seek to work with other launchpads. That was projects are assured to get full funding for their projects without putting the onus completely on one community. I’d like to see cooperation between ours, Unilayer’s Trustswaps and some other launchpads to link our communities…


The potential for this could be widespread and become a quasi form of marketing for the easybake ecosystem as well. Teaming up with other folks seems like it could be extremely beneficial to the overall development of Easybake


Exactly! Or worse yet, investing in a lottery chance of getting to invest in it. Barely had anything to invest in the first place.


Definitely worth considering at a future date but let’s focus first on the core product offering and ensuring that functionality works perfectly.

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