Gleam Competition

After taking notice of the success other projects have had as a result of hosting a Gleam campaign, I would love to hear from the community on your thoughts about EasyBake offering a share of our token supply as a reward for contestants in an upcoming Gleam campaign.

Please feel free to introduce more topics for discussion, but some key considerations I would love to receive feedback on include topics such as,

  • What are your thoughts on Gleam campaigns?
  • What are your top choices for entry topics?
  • What should the forecasted USD value be for winners?
  • How many winners should be selected?
  • What would it take for you to invite more members to Telegram?
  • How long should the campaign run?

Gleam Demo Campaign Topics

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 5.05.22 AM

Sounds normal. Bots can easily win this i think.

You are correct – bots will definitely be something we will have to take into consideration when determining the winner. Fortunately, Gleam is prepared to combat spambots and we may collaborate as to optimal strategies for identifying any spam the Gleam misses through their automated processes.

As a side node: welcome to the forum!

Just did a gleam comp with kickpad which had 1,000,000 entires for 300 spots on whitelist. Great for exposure but people may look at it and thinks its pointless to try. I would be interested to see how many legit entires there were.


Thank you for pointing this out to me. That would definitely serve against one’s probably of participating when they feel as though their effort would be futile or statistically improbable.

I would love to hear from anyone who has managed a Gleam campaign and if they offer any solutions to proactively combat this. I will research it as well, but it is best if we all do our due diligence as I am at your service at the end of the day and want to do what pleases you all the most until we are able to functional autonomously.

I don’t have much input on this topic, as I have no idea what a gleam campaign is. I have already invited and brought nearly everyone I know into EasyBake. I mean, if these types of things work historically then great, it’s simply not my area of expertise.

I think you can also do this organically.
For example announce a message with retweet this and two random people get x tokens.
Burning initiative at x Twitter followers and so on.
Unless you have really seen this work on projects and the results are 5 times as good as organic growth with active campaigns not sure if the money on a gleam campaign is worth it.


I have never been attracted to gleam campaigns. That is not to say they don’t add value to a project, but I’d be hard pressed to tell exactly what that would look like. Often just looks like inflated community numbers, the same people who do all these campaigns and random minuscule airdrops. Do any of them actually use the services or participate in the community? I’m sure some do, but most do their task and move on. Maybe there is some buzz for a bit. But usually the telegram groups become so crowded with the same absurd questions over and over. People with genuine interest seem drowned out due to the difficulty of carrying on discussion with admins or knowledgeable community members.

It would be nice to attract more people though when the time is right. So many good peeps out there!
I agree that a more organic campaign may be better. I think once we get a little more organized as a team and settle our roles and decide on tokenomics I will start to draw in my network of traders and investors to help support the project.

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Has anyone seen the campaign Polkamon has going right now.
Over 118,000 have signed up their wallets with a transaction costing $10-$20 each. ($1M-2M in total. Wasted gas - could have been a fundraiser-lol!
Everyone gets a virtual egg attached to their wallet.
All vying for 180 winning spots.(180 eggs will “hatch”. ) They get a special nft and a $500 allocation for their public sale.
Lots of hype. Many are registering multiple wallets.
My concern would be that so many people will not get anything. Could backfire and create negative sentiment.
Or will the scarcity work the way they plan…

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Kind of like a lottery ticket, but a bit more fun when your egg hatches, maybe can make the rest of the eggs go sour? lol. But I think this is a pretty innovative and cool way to have a lottery. I just personally don’t like the odds myself, but none the less, a great way to guage interest.


I actually like this idea. If this is something people are interested I can help creating some NFTs.

You can DM me for more details.

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yeah i totally agree bots would definitely win

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Something would be to prevent bots

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If I’m correct and a gleam competition is like a bounty for doing tasks on a forum, I did a similar thing with centrifuge. Engagement on the forum was huge after a Chico Crypto video about it but dropped off straight away once the bounties had been claimed.

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hope its not glem cause bots would really take everything


Wondering how many people are actually participating in gleam. Seems not too easy to navigate around gleam for people that are not too tech savvy.


Guys. I think that all these advertising companies suck, I don’t know of a single normal project that would try to catch as many people as possible on their social networks. The main thing is the product. If there is a working, convenient, desired product, users will appear and buyers of the token will also appear.


I tend to agree with this!

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I dont know exactly what a gleam competition is, but we dont need a “shilling” campaign or some sort. A good product will market itself.