Frontend Ideas & Suggestions

Hello Bakers, I am currently working on the second version of our frontend/ui & wanted to have a topic section where you all can voice your opinions & ideas for future implementations.

Please keep in mind, minor implementations, such as: hyperlinks + sidebar additions, will be much quicker to be added than a window where you can choose 50% of your balance when swapping.

All suggestions are welcomed! I just want to add as much detail as I can before v2 next week :slight_smile: (Hopefully I didn’t miss any from the Bakery Beta - if I did pls remind me <3)

Thank you all for your support, we are really excited for the coming weeks & I’m certain the feeling is mutual :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Warm Regards,
Chef Buddy


One feature that I personally think would be beneficial, is the ability to keep track of your LP tokens with respect to the stats of the LP Pool. I have often wished that there would be a multi window option, say one for the exchange, and one that displays your provided liquidity.

To be clear, for example, when you would click on pool, then on your liquidity, and it shows details. Not sure how hard it would be to have your liquidity stats visible while having the trading page open. As often, for me this ends up taking up multiple monitors or tabs, as this is something that as a trader, I usually have both open.

I am not sure how widely used this option would be, but was simply mentioning it, as it’s something I’ve always wanted but never found in other platforms.

Alternatively, a nice page with all your liquidity displayed, or just the option to devide the screen to have multi display with exchange/ pool section open at same time.


Easy access of any main functionality like if we provide any trading tools and graphs instead of burry in some menu.

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Kind of on this note… I love the idea of a your liquidity tab which shows you your liquidity provided and how it is doing also an historic total of the rewards you have claimed so can easily work out when impermanent loss has been counteracted by rewards farmed.

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On the landing page… we talked about having live platform stats like market cap, etc,

Is it possible to have a real-time “actual circulating supply” in addition to regular circulating supply? So “actual” would have all LPs and single asset staked OVEN subtracted. You could then see the amount of tradeable tokens at any given time. I think I described that okay… does that make sense? or even worth doing it? thoughts?


I think this is a great idea, definitely would love to implement this. I think the best way to do this would be to use CoinGecko’s API and implement it via that after they list us, after launch ofc.

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Maybe the stats could be a little drop down when clicked on - I’m not sure how I would do a dual page though. Maybe I’m not understanding too well. So you’re talking about the Liquidty Tokens staked or in wallet?

Yeah, I just mean, having as much cross page info available for viewing on one page as possible. For example, with Uniswap, I can view my pool info one one page, which updates live, but the trading window, is a complete separate page.

I was wondering if there was a way to have a page that incorporated stats from what you would normally find on two separate pages.

It could be that I am having a hard time explaining. If I get a chance, I will try and copy paste something together of what I think would be cool if it were possible. Easier to explain, and paint a picture with some pictures in this case.

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I think I get you. So having stats & snippets from external pages and/or websites on the page you’re currently viewing, right? I personal think this is a necessity for traders. Too many times do I find myself on multiple tabs on my second monitor & having the swap page on another monitor :stuck_out_tongue: (like coingecko, tradingview, etc)

Agree its so frustrating when you have to manually work out how the liquidity is performing , especially on Pancake swap

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Some ideas add current price in the url bar
check as an example

also nice is when you swap that you see an estimate in $
also check apeswap as an example

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