Exchange Beta Feedback (Separate from Bakery Beta)

This is the place to give feedback and report any bugs you may experience with respect to the Exchange portion of EasyBake Beta


Here is the link to a post I had made in Bakery Beta thread before this one existed.


Noticed an issue with swap route display.
It’s not formatted to have a solid white or black background( depending on day or night mode). Either way it appears as text over the backdrop of cupcakes with flowers. Hard to notice it or read what it says.

Note: the route display will not appear unless the swap requires more than 2 assets. Meaning intermediary step to bridge trading pairs.

For example: dai to weth is a direct swap. No route needs to be shown.

However dai to layer would need an intermediary token, in this case weth. Dai>weth>layer
Here is when a route would be displayed.