Charity support

I think it would be great to support charity organizations. Honestly It would look good if small part of the fees go for good purposes like fighting against covid, cancer or planting trees in Africa. These things always bring good carma for the project and people like it. What do you recon about this idea? Any futher sugestions?


If there will be scammy farms on polkadot like on the other chains it could be good to do something for rug pull victims.
Apeswap did some hugs for rugs which is really cool marketing wise.


I like this idea. Very good publicity, in my opinion.

This is a great idea. Hope this will be implemented in the future.

When this idea gets implemented, I hope the community gets to vote and choose the charity.

Nice idea :+1: Always wonderful to give than to accumulate too much

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I wonder what types of charities would be on brand with easy bake? Perhaps providing food for the homeless or those in need especailly if they were victims of natural diasasters and whatnot too maybe?

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Great Idea! There are a lot of interesting charities to choose from.

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really appreciating, but how and where to do the charity

I’ve considered this, but have found it to come across as a bit disingenuous. You don’t need crypto to donate. I can donate funds myself.

Personally, I do not trust projects centered around charity and tend to dismiss them as likely scams or otherwise low-quality.


Agreed. Always just seems like a con. And even if legit, what makes them think they are contributing to a charity I care about. I would any day prefer to receive the extra earnings so I can donate to what I wish to support.

Agree with this. Lately there’s been a lot of new tokens misappropriating charity as a means to appear legitimate or generate some kind of publicity for a quick buck for developers. I think we can stay away from this kind of thing, at least for now while we are still building/launching/tweaking.

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