Bakery Beta Feedback

Pleased to announce we have V1 of our Bakery Beta ready for you bakers to explore. Please provide your feedback in this thread, so we may ensure all voices are heard.

Bakery Beta:

Feel free to comment on anything you believe will add to the conversation. There are a few bugs we expect you to experience and report. The expectation for V1 is to find out not only where we may reduce errors, but also how we may improve the overall user experience.

Notes: questions are always welcomed and the testing is executed in Rinkeby (chainID 4).

Warm Regards,
Chef Buns


Super exciting to have Beta to play with. This is our chance as a community to give feedback on the feel, UI, and of course to try and break Chef’s hard work(not really). Well, for those perhaps new to Beta testing, an opportunity to try and discover little things that don’t yet work properly, these are what we call bugs. This is a completely normal and important part of the development process.

So by participating, and using the Beta, we can all try and ensure we can get to a point where we get all the kinks ironed out, and get ready for the next stage.

Looking forward to testing with you all.


Things are working smoothly. Everything loads nice and fast, executed some trades, farming, earning oven like crazy. I have nothing that can be improved upon to suggest at this point. So happy with your work Chef Buns. Great job. So exciting.

I don’t come from a farming background, but just from having been an LP on Uniswap, I found everything to be straight forward and easy to execute.

I like how easy it is to harvest, and reinvest.

Ok, so I think I have been able to account user error to all of my other bugs I though I found.
Here is my first real potential small bug. When I try to remove liquidity, the sign button appears, and works. But when I hit the confirm button, nothing happens.


Not sure if this is an operator error, but can someone else simulate this error?


I have reached the limit of my paint skills, but have a couple of comments to consider.


Nice skills Mr Gant.

hmm, it appears that the UI has dropped the memory of my pools? All farms appear as though I have nothing invested.

It still shows my LP tokens in my wallet, but UI displays my connected addy, but is displaying the initial virgin page like I had never been there.

It’s as though the farm has forgotten my address tokens attached. Still shows the oven in my wallet, but says I have zero to claim.

If I now try to approve contract, it simply defaults back to the same initial page I described.

I hope I can recover the 3K plus oven that was unharvested. Or my pride may be shattered…


Hi everyone,

Site looks good and works as expected.
I’m going to be critical here.
What does easybake wants to be? The pancakeswap, uniswap of polkadot?
Do you have any idea how many projects are already on the way that aim to be that?
How will easybake stand out?

If we look at BSC it’s clear that there are so many farms, only the last month I counted 185! They all look the same only with a different logo. If easybakewould have started on BSC looking like this, nobody would be impressed and look upon it as just another farm doing the same thing pancakeswap, and others have been doing.
Farmings, pools, lottery, maybe a launchpad, repeat.

If we want to stand out I think we need another UI design or at least stand out in way of tokenomics.
One of the most promising projects in my view is - Uranium They let uranium users share in profits made through the transactions.
The basic uranium token is rads. Uranium asks 0.20% transaction of which 0.15% goes to the money pot and 0.05% to the team. There is a 4% deposit fee for pools, 3% goes to money pot 1% to team.
Every day the money pot is distributed to srads holders. Srads can only be gained through providing liquidity lps (e.g., rads-bnb). Srads can not be bought.
Read on their tokenomics. It is getting a lot of traction and I think new farms pretty soon won’t be able to get away with just farming and not returning some of the transactions profits to holders on some way.

Dr Fil


great proposal.
And I totally agree with UI- thing.
If easyfi will be as yet another pancake swap - this will lower it value at first impression.
But… of course its not easy task to to UI from scratch… may be we can start as is… but then put some bounty for UX researchers.


As first step - I did “approve” … and I got notification that transaction approved on all two selected pools. But the UI didnt reflect that.

ther eis video :

PS: I use Brave browser btw

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strange thing with liquidity button.
it doesnt work for me.
again mabe reason in the Brave browser

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Hey Robo. Yeah the UI seems to have slowed down right now, so sometimes you have to wait for the UI to sync with the blockchain, this may be due to how often the UI makes calls for new data, not 100% sure. There are currently two ways or paths to try and add liquidity. One being through the sidebar link to the liquidity or through the exchange then through pool, otherwise right from the Farm page, by approving the contract, wait for transaction to confirm, and UI to update, then click on ‘Stake LP’ then use the option there to ‘obtain LP tokens’

If one method doesn’t work right off the bat, the other should.

Hope this helps for the time being.

Thanks for taking the time to post.


I also agree about the UI, it looks like a standard food farm that has been used so many times before. Will there be single sided staking? What about trying to be like the BNT of DOT, with IL protection. There needs to be something that makes this project stand out from other projects!


I only tried 2 pools so far USDC and DAI

USDC shows 0 because it’s such a small amount
Haha! 100 USDC got me 0.000004809100450415 LP

I tried Harvest first (on both), then Unstake. Worked great!

I will do more tomorrow.


I am able to unstake my Dai/WETH, however am still unable to remove my liquidity, it seems like maybe the confirm button isn’t pointed correctly? As MM doesn’t open.


Also, just a small thing. Noticed the signature window has some PCS stuff still, would be sweet if we could have EB Logo there.Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 6.01.30 AM


Hit the same “approve contract” bug where the Confirm button is grayed out but is clickable after waiting a few minutes

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APRs display as Na% – is this intentional for tesnet?


Small suggestion - I’m not a fan of the “Exchange” dropdown in the left panel that expands to “Exchange and Liquidity”

  • Instead of burying the core action, exchange functionality should be present by default, or the drop down shouldn’t be there
  • Also, Exchange as the top level item and Exchange as a sub-level item is slightly confusing - maybe use “swap” instead?

This is due to the profile component being a feature that has not yet been rolled out. As such, there is nothing to view when clicking one’s profile. The profile icon is part of the UI-Kit and I left it there as a placeholder for now, but thank you for your feedback! This is certainly on our list of tasks to complete prior to rolling out V2 of the bakery.

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I wholeheartedly agree, we will be sure to prioritize OVEN-ETH LP pair in V2. The current layout is designed to represent the relative PID associated with each pool, for ease of use on the backend. When we deploy V2, there will be a pre-mint and the first pool [PID 1] will correspond to OVEN-ETH pair and we will populate the first position (top left) to our primary pool, as you pointed out.

As for the compound button – BRILLIANT – this will certainly be a task I will need to incorporate on the backend and may require a creative solution, but where there is a will, there’s a way. If you know of any projects that successfully do this, please feel free to bring them to our attention. In the meantime, I will do my best to include this in V2 pre-launch. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this feedback and hope you are enjoying the experience overall.

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