Bakers Worldwide Unite

Hey there fellow bakers, I’d like to kick off this forum by saying you are all awesome for being a part of this project and I know you are all just as excited as I am to be a part of it.

Since this is the beginning, we all need to spread the word as much as possible via social media, personal relationships, etc.

We know that this is going to be big and is ripe full of potential for growth and development but it relies on us as community members to spread the word.

So let’s do this fellow Bakers and get this $OVEN baking on the moon!!

So, the question I have for you is, how have you recommended or encouraged others in your community, friend group, or online to become Bakers and what has worked the best?

And the challenge I have is to educate and spread the word about EasyBake to your friends and family if you haven’t already.

Lets make EasyBake mainstream my fellow Bakers!


Welcome to the forums! Love your enthusiasm and am also interested in taking note of the recommendations made by the community in terms of recruitment pre-launch. Ultimately, the more investors we have from the start, the less dumps we may generally expect to experience as each baker will have a more equal distribution of token supply.

In the interest of incentivizing further contributions to our ever-growing network of bakers, I have devised a request for the community to help us come up with a Gleam campaign.

Thank you for jumpstarting the discussion with our first forum topic! You beat us to it, congrats!


Shilling to my friends is easy so sign up referall promos works. However when looking into projects normally I’d like to see some social following with like 5000+ followers or some people I’m following be following the project. However this project caught my eye with the very transparent project plan, progress and the dot ecosystem having good momentum. I’m really keen to see where this goes!


P.s. Can I have some gluten free options for my more health concerned friends :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the post. I definitely have told and managed to recruit most of all the people I know into the space, by sharing about getting into a good project early on. It helped I think, by having known the Dev from past projects, and having been able to share why it is I have confidence in the project, as ultimately I am confident in the Dev, and their ability to bring to fruition all they set out to do.

People seem to be responsive to the potential opportunity of getting in early on something that could be huge.

I think people understand that if they can try to bring some value, in whatever manner they are capable, and if we all keep main chat rolling, so when newbs show up, there are people to greet them, We can attract even more people.


I can see why you are so dedicated to this project and are a strong supporter of chef buns, knowing the dev makes a huge difference. That being said, for the sake of the community and officially on this forum would you be able to share anything about you and/or chef buns that may help others garner trust in the team? I find that these details are really beneficial to have for those who are skeptical about new projects.

I apologize for the late reply, needed to add the page to my homescreen to aid my poor memory.


Veltrax, thanks for taking the time to post, and certainly I will share what I can at this time.

I started in Crypto in 2016, I only got into social media more recently, many people know me from some of the past community projects I have been involved in, often asking many difficult, and often times uncomfortable questions, for the benefit of myself and the community’s I participate in.

One of the first projects that I began to stick out on was on HEX, where. I would argue (discuss) with RH on various related topics, and was pivotal in revealing to the community early on about the shinanigans being pulled off with the AA Recycling going on, if you don’t know what this means, please just note, I was putting the interests of the larger community first (in my mind), and was making others aware of an unfair situation in the project. Another flag I discovered in the Ghost project I was involved in where I was the first to notice that the White paper looked to be copy and pasted. Both of these revelations resulted in me getting banned by the respective communities, (although Ghost was quick to reinstate me). The reason I mention this, is I like truth, data, and facts, and will always put the community first with respect to telling people information that they ought to know. I don’t care if it is the popular view, but with this please know. I will always put you, my fellow crypto investors first, ahead of other interests. I do care a great deal about my reputation.

I first encountered Chef Buns, who did say in due time will reveal more about themselves, although many already know the identity and some of the history behind current accomplishments, through another project I was recently involved in as a Mod, when Chef Buns had shown up, and volunteered to make an annotated white paper to help the community, with no expectation of anything in return. It was at this point in time where I began to talk with Chef, as their writing style and techniques were very helpful in taking something complicated, and being able to describe it in a way that just about anybody could understand.

I have since been privy to seeing another project Chef had worked very hard on, and have seen and have been impressed with what was accomplished, all within a short period of time. I will let Chef reveal more when ready, however, it was the proven track record of verifiable hard work (as is currently evidenced by looking at EasyBake Github), that really got me excited about EasyBake, and I knew I wanted to be a part, however I could.

I am very excited to be a part of the EasyBake community. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask just as Veltrax has, also, you are welcome to DM me if you see a need, I would be happy to offer assurance or answer questions in any way I can to help the community grow in an open, trustful, transparent manner.

Cheers all.


I like the idea of referral programs, in general, but I don’t people throwing their codes in unwanted places and generating issues and problems for the project. I think the best way to spread the word is to invite Polkadot ecosystem projects for free or very inexpensive listing onto the DEX. I think we approach the teams themselves through their emails and get permission to enter their TG groups and post. If we go about it the right way, we can gain lots of acceptance and have the doors opened for us. We do the opposite of guerilla marketing. We communicate grassroots but directly to the decision-makers.

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