Airdrop Cancellation

What are some viable alternatives to the airdrop? What are your thoughts regarding the cancellation? Leave your comments here.


Cancelling the airdrop before the launch was a good decision.

I am not completely against an airdrop though, sometimes it makes sense, e.g. for incentivizing the use of the platform.


From someone who was initially thinking that the airdrop would be a great way to bring in new people to the community, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong, in the sense that I didn’t fully realize all that went along with it.

Changing things at this stage in the game, to me is what Beta stage is all about. Sometimes you need to make drastic changes for the betterment of the community and ultimately, for what will be the biggest benefit to the project itself.

I do see both sides to the argument, however, we need to be able to adapt to new information, ultimately, much of Crypto is speculation, and if you are at a loss because you were hoping to get something for free and profit at the expense of the project, then you will now have a chance to get involved with EasyBake in a way that will in the end be better for us all.

Looking forward to working together, and to continue to make changes during this Beta stage of the project that will in the end, ensure EasyBake will fulfill it’s potential on the Dot ecosystem.


Hmm, I think it’s wrong that you’ve decided not to give an airdrop. I totally understand your reasoning, many people want to get something for nothing, including me, and to have a lot of those people who simply want to get but not to give or participate creates an toxic environment filled with a majority of greedy, selfish people. That said, this should have been known and understood from the outset, crypto has been around long enough to know this sad truth and you’re now not delivering what you promised, which is bad. I personally bought a lot of LAYER based on the fact that I’d be getting airdrops. I’m now very involved in farming on MakiSwap so it’s been good, despite the fact I haven’t yet received even the first airdrop promised, but nonetheless I’ve lost a lot of money because I invested in something that promised me future airdrops but whose value has decreased enormously compared to say BTC or ETH but it was a trade off - get future airdrop gains to make up for investment risk but now because those airdrop gains aren’t forthcoming it means I lost a lot of money for less reward. It wasn’t a waste of money, cos these things aren’t black and white, it’s a gradient scale but it’s a slight waste of money and I’m not happy about it. I think you should fulfil your promises. The toxic people will disappear as soon as they’ve sold their tokens, the decent, contributive people will stay. That’s life.


I can understand the airdrop cancelation. The airdrop took big attention and every day the same question wen airdrop or so on and bring to the community people you really do not want there…There were a lot of people involved in this project just for an airdrop and these people are right now very upset. I do not really understand them because it is always big risk to invest into a project just because of the airdrop but on the other hand I am in crypto almost for 4 years and I cannot remember that anyone would change his mind and canceled big event like airdrop surely is. And this was announced a long time ago when market was green. The market is down at the moment, so it is even more painful for the airdrop people…


I’ve got mixed feelings about this, and I understand both sides. The decision has been made, so I think the people who remain must move on and continue contributing to help this promising project.

May be an airdrop could be made for users of the plattform, uniswap airdrop type, either by surprise or announcing it. The latter probably would be better marketing-wise


I feel maybe give the airdrop to community members who have been participating here and are testing the beta on test net


In Gustave le Bon’s “Psychology of Crowds” is exposed the fact that not doing a specific action is often seen as neutral, but promising to do it and then turning back on one’s word is highly negative in terms of the public perception.

That being said, I do believe that promising one thing and then simply refusing to do it does not bode well for the future credibility of a project, as it might set a precedent.

The act of giving an airdrop was controversial since the beginning, but we must assume that you took into account all the toxicity/negativity that it would bring into the project and still decided to go ahead with it; if that was not the case, then it simply means that not enough consideration was given to the airdrop before announcing it.

However, what is done is done, and I am of the opinion that the airdrop cancellation is already in the past and we should from now on focus on the project itself.


I’ve put forth an argument already, I’ll see if I can add to it. Firstly, and to somewhat to reiterate, I think it’s good to deliver on one’s promises, even if it’s difficult and there are unforseen obstacles (toxic arseholes) because life always throws up unexpected things but the value of a person is measured by their ability to get their intentions, plans or promises completed regardless and it makes someone trustworthy (worthy of trust) which is valuable for both that individual in the future because they’ll be believed in and it is valuable for the group or followers because they will have confidence and security that things will go as expected. Essentially it produces security all around. That’s my first argument.


I do want to say that I don’t think Airdrops aren’t a particularly good idea, I can see their flaws and fundamentally one of the biggest ones is this: they reward the unproductive and they encourage getting something for nothing. In terms of exchange, a criminal exchange is getting something for nothing, so when anyone starts rewarding people for doing nothing that encourages criminality and produces a culture that hopes to get something while giving nothing. Basically people start to think “why should I bother? He’s getting the same as me for doing nothing while I’m working my arse off! I’m not going to bother.” And slowly but surely a culture deteriorates in this way. (Incidentally, this is a major reason why crypto is a risky proposition because, arguably for the vast majority of people, it’s a way to get something for nothing - buy a few coins then wait, do nothing and be rich. So it breeds a criminal mind. Anyway, this is a principle and so a group shouldn’t really head in that direction because it leads to failure and a few overworked people. The positive, effective direction to go is to reward productive people.


I think that the problem with the airdrop was the entitlement and the freeloaders that brought toxicity to the chat and bring nothing to the project. I suggest that should we proceed forward with the airdrop it should be done in a way that incentivizes the usage of the platform. I.e reward people for trading/using the platform once its released.


So following this, although philosophically I’m not all for Airdrops, I am for rewarding productive people, which is to say, participation, creation, effort towards something. One could argue that buying and holding coins is a participation and to a small degree it is but it’s nowhere near as productive as actually writing the code or creating the infrastructure etc. There is a gradient scale of production or creation and contribution and buying coins is pretty low down that scale. Ok, so what I do think is that rewarding people who’ve been active in the community, or active in the creation of this platform, in whatever ways it’s possible to be - beta testing, promoting, participating in a community - whatever is deemed a valuable contribution, should be rewarded (and not necessarily equally). So, (I’m not saying it’s easy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ) you could have a gradient scale of rewards, which is what you were basically doing anyway: Everyone has to have LAYER and coin holders get 1x coins, community contributors get 1x, Beta testers get 2x, stakers get 2 or 3x, Liquidity providers get 4x and so on. You reward it at the level that you consider it valuable. You were doing this already and I think you should simply continue.


Sooo not sure what the relationship is with unilayer but the cancellation kinda screwed them.

Your project so it’s up to you what type of relationships you want to build and burn.

The leaches are hopefully gone and the toxic atmosphere they bring with it as well.

I’m on test net and can’t wait for mainnet so I’ll support either way.

Tbh I’ve seen how the airdrop has hurt maki and if there was one for ezbake I’d like to see a way to protect long term holders. But the project is going to rock sooo as much as I’d like an early foot in the door I can buy like a normie


If you’re not going to go this complicated route, well, I think you should simply deliver what you promised and just have a simple airdrop - LAYER holders and LAYERx holders get x amount of coins. If you don’t do this you undermine confidence and trust in yourself and your product.


Here’s another argument for why you should continue with the airdrop. It brings the project to the awareness of many. The airdrop happens, the toxic people will sell and get what they can, the decent people will stick around and learn the platform and contribute to it and help it grow and do well. An example of this is ME. The promise of a MAKI airdrop led me to buy LAYER. I didn’t know a thing about either. Anyway, now, because I learned how to use MakiSwap, I’m really into farming, want it to succeed and am really interested in it’s growth. I’ve become a keen yield farmer and see the potential of DeFi like I never did before. I’ve learned so much. I’m here doing this. Etc. So there IS value in advertising to the masses.


I agree with what tudor said above, that promising to give something to someone and then not giving it to them has a similar psychological effect as taking something away from them. Hence, the backlash and emotional outbursts shown by some after the airdrop cancellation announcement. Several people in Telegram have said they will never use EasyBake because of this.

Also, in the Wild West of crypto trust is very important and not keeping ones word at this early stage sets a bad precedent.


And to add to that, I think in life one has to tolerate and ignore toxic people, they are unavoidable. One has to toughen up, except that they will be fought along the way because they can’t please everyone, do what they think is the best thing at any given time and steel themselves to critics and fools who are complaining and ranting but aren’t actually taking any responsibility to make things better. So basically just keep going and doing what you think is good, the toxic people will be there, whatever you do, even if you were saving the starving millions, you would have critics - “who do you think you are, interfering with my culture!” or whatever, just keep your eye on the goal, the toxic people will fall away and the decent people will stick around and contribute.


Chef Buns has done an incredible job in helping build Makiswap and Layer. Some people were being pretty toxic towards her after the cancellation announcement so at this point it’s kinda damned if you do/damned if you don’t. In hindsight maybe an airdrop wasn’t the best idea but if you’re gonna deal with toxicity either way you might as well keep your original word.


I’ve been on he sidelines watching the developments with this project with a bit of excitement towards the future based on what I’ve read from Ms Buns. I’ve been holding Layer since Layer was launched and it was through layer that I discovered easybake. I don’t have tons of free time to spend on crypto, but was looking forward to using the Oven tokens to participate with the project. The crypto space is tough. There are so many entitled, unducated, toxic individuals in the space. I can’t imagine someone starting a crypto project and not realizing that. But what’s worse, IMO is project developers who go back on their word. Whenever a new project comes along, the only thing we have to go on is the word and the reputation of the developers/owners of the project. When a developer promises something and then just changes their mind, and then basically says “it’s your fault, I didn’t tell you to buy anything, so leave if you don’t like it” I can’t imagine a bigger red flag. It speaks to immaturity, lack of empathy and lack of understanding of the crypto space on the part of the developer. Things happen in the world. Cancelling the airdrop but promising to make it right for the community could have been a much better way to handle this. As it is, only the most desperate will stick around. IMO I don’t think the airdrop should happen now. The people that stick around deserve to be a part of this project. Those who don’t shouldn’t be exposed to the wishy-washy nature of the owner, it will only be a bigger black eye. Develop in quietness, learn from this mistake and come back when you’re really, truly ready, not only to develop a great project, but to run one.


Negativity bias. We humans have a propensity to give more weight in our minds to things that go wrong than to things that go right—so much so that just one negative event can hijack our minds in ways that can be detrimental to our work, relationships, health, and happiness.

Nobody likes it, but the power of bad is very strong. In our minds we focus on the bad things in life. The negative things around us, because we don’t want negativity, but only positivity. I can understand the “cancelation” from the developers perspective. Day in, day out you are building this new environment to support us, the crypto traders. And what do you get in reward? Toxicity.

However, you should NOT ignore the fact that in the meanwhile the community currently has 1.112 Members in the Easybake Telegram alone. I’m sure that a big number of those members came through Layer and the airdrop announcement.

@buns , Remember the times you woke up and got to the Easybake to start accepting all of the join requests? Remember the feeling which you’ve had when the numbers grew, and grew… and grew?
This might feel as pressure, a huge community awaiting the results of months of work, years of work. And by the time it launches all of these people (including myself and yourself) will start using your services and we’ll start providing liquidity, staking, farming and ofcourse selling. The true believers won’t sell the tokens at launch, or they might… To get higher numbers afterwards. And why will they? Because they all know that Easybake is an attractive investment.

I’ve noticed that you said the following in Telegram:
“You shouldn’t have purchased LAYER to be part of our project. Buying UniLayer doesn’t benefit us.”

Let me tell you something funny, all of the people who bought Layer “to be part of your project” wanted to invest in your project. We wanted to be one of the early participators. Basing the airdrop on the Layer holders wasn’t an excuse to market the project… It was a way to give the hyped people a chance to get into the project early. Let me correct myself here, untill this current minute this was still the only possible way to gain the quickest access to the token. I can assure you that if there would’ve been a different way to invest and participate in the coin, that way would’ve defenitly been used too.

And let me tell you, there will defenitly be a drop at the launch of a token when you’ve fired off an airdrop. Even a community big as Uniswap experienced this, but look at their position now. People will learn, and people will make mistakes but hey… Isn’t that how we all grow strong?

In my opinion the airdrop was a way of thanking the early participators. I am sure that a big number of the silent participators are still holding their Layer until the current day. And no, we’re not dumping because of an excluded airdrop. We’re holding because we trust in the developers who are creating the platforms. We trust in you people. And THAT is why we keep on supporting the tokens, no matter what. If you are sure that it’s for the better not to fire of an airdrop, then we support your decision. We’ll see the negative side of it too, but we will defenitly keep the focus on the positive side.

Here are some current pro’s of your airdrop announcement:

  • You’ve been able to gather a big community with the announcement
  • You’ve been able to learn about your community, the airdrop participants but also the true believers.
  • The awareness is defenitly here.

I’d say let’s make the good decision and keep our focus on the bright side.
And @buns you might think: “WTF is your conclusion man!?” I don’t have one. And do you know why?

Because I know that you will make the correct decision for our project.
Get your focus on the positive side, and f**k the negativity bias.

:rocket: We’re going to launch a great platform.
:angel: We’re going to make this taste like angels peeing on our tongue!
:man_cook: :woman_cook: :man_cook: :woman_cook: We’re going to do this together.

Now let’s get those ovens fired up, :butter: butter these honey buns and start baking.
We’re going to be the fattest community around by the end of 2022. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: