About the Tokenomics category

The purpose of the Tokenomics Category is to facilitate discourse regarding topics that concern the economic aspects of the token. One of the beauties of cryptocurrency is the ability to control metrics such as token supply, emissions (inflation) rate, token supply distribution, and also incorporates the ability to apply gamed elements that incentivize the growth and value of tokens.

Please use this section to contribute to topics such as,

  • Token Supply Metrics: total supply? emissions rate? etc.

  • Initial Offerings (Pre-Sale): should we have a presale? where should we host the presale? how much of the supply should be allocated towards the presale? etc.

  • Token Distribution: how many tokens should be allocated to the team? baking rewards? etc.

  • Token Holder Benefits and Incentives: platform fees, mining rewards, wen vault?

Please feel free to initiate a topic on any one of the topics provided above. Even better, you may have a topic we haven’t outlined already that you believe should be added to contribute to a discussion involving Token Economics. Feel free to get creative and have fun while you’re at it, thanks bakers!

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Chef Bun

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